Tips for Choosing the Right Car Tires

Tips for Choosing Car Tires – In addition to the engine, of course an important component of the car is the tire. The reason is, tires play an important role in supporting the performance of the car on the highway when driving.

Even though the engine is good and of good quality, if the tires have a problem, the car's performance will automatically decrease. This of course needs to be a concern for car owners.


On the other hand, using the right car tires will also obscure the car's performance when driving on the highway. So do not be surprised if the tires are chosen accordingly, of course, will be able to support driving performance.

Tips for Choosing Car Tires


There are several tips for choosing car tires that you can learn and apply to support this. Considering that there are currently many brands of car tires on the market.

If you are a beginner and a beginner in understanding car tires, of course you need to follow the tips for choosing the right car tires which Mas Sena will explain in this segment.

Want to know more details? No need to linger, let's look at the reviews of tips on choosing the best and right car tires.

There are several ways or tips for choosing the best tires as a means to get tires that match the specifications of the car, type of car, and needs. Here's the full review.

Choosing Daily Car Tires

Tire Selection According to Factory Standard Type

One of the tips for choosing the right car tires is not to choose the wrong type of tire. Therefore, choose a car tire that fits the type.

Because, every car has a standard type and size from the manufacturer. Which is usually for standard type tire manufacturers, seen engraved on drawers or door plaques.


So in this case it is very necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the best standard car tire manufacturers.

On the other hand, the selection of the best car tires can also see the instructions for use and the inclusion of the type and size of the tire.

Generally, the type of tire is seen through a combination of codes. Like P 215/55 R17 93V where there is the letter “P” which is none other than the code from Passenger, meaning the car is designed to carry people.

Tires With Tire Size

In addition, tips on choosing the right car tires can also be seen by looking at the right tire size. This means that you have to really understand some of the codes engraved on the side of the tire surface.

For example, the car tire code is 205/55 R16 91V, which means the number 25 is the tire tread width in mm. Then, the number 55 is a signal of the aspect ratio not the thickness of the tire. Then, for the number 16 there is the diameter of the car wheels in inches.

From here, if you are going to make a tire change, you need to understand the appropriate tire size so that it is not too wide or maybe too small.

Therefore, choosing the right tire size is a tip that you need to do to support driving performance.

Tires That Fit Rim Size

In addition, tips for choosing the best car tires are to choose tires that are adjusted to the width of the wheels.

Indeed, in general, car tires with a wide tread will have a stronger grip with maximum acceleration.

However, you should choose tires that have the same size as the wheels. This will certainly support a safer driving system and in accordance with the engine capacity carried by the car.

Choose New Production Year Tires

To support durability and maintain car engine performance, it is necessary to choose the best tires for the car. Like by choosing the latest production year tires.

Those are tips for choosing the best car tires that you can do. Where, to apply this tire selection, you need to understand the code listed on the tire.

For example, like code 0418. From the code listed above, if it is interpreted the number 04 means the time of manufacture of tires in the fourth week.

While the next number is the number 18 which means in what year the tire was produced. So, code 0418 means the tire is a product of the year of production in the 3rd week of 2018.

Well, in choosing tires, besides the type you also have to choose the condition of the new tires. By understanding the tire code, you will automatically be able to judge which tires are new and which are old.

Car Tire Code

Buy Tires in Official and Trusted Places

Then, stepping on other tips for choosing the best car tires, it is highly recommended to buy tires at an official tire shop and of course.