Tips for Caring for Motorcycle Shockbreakers to Last

The right trick in applying shockbreaker care on a motorcycle to keep it comfortable and durable


Tips for Caring for Motorcycle Shockbreakers – In carrying out motorcycle maintenance, of course, an understanding is needed, at least about the parts on a motorcycle that need attention.

One of the components that need to be treated is the motorcycle shockbreaker sector. Which is none other than a component that has an important role to dampen vibrations when the motor passes through bumpy roads or semi-off-road terrain.

Therefore, you must know the tips on caring for motorcycle shockbreakers as an action so that the shockbreaker on the motorcycle is much more durable and of course durable.

Therefore, herein lies the importance of shockbreaker care on a motorcycle that you must know and practice. Because, if you can't understand or take care of it, the shockbreaker motor will be damaged quickly.

If it is badly damaged then obviously you have to replace it with a new one. Of course, the replacement of this shockbreaker can be minimized on time. That is, the life of the shockbreaker can be made more durable with proper care.

Well, related to this, of course, there are tips on caring for motorcycle shock absorbers that you can apply and try at home.

One of the motorcycle maintenance is to apply tips on caring for motorcycle shock absorbers which of course is an important component that must be considered. Below, Mas Sena will explain how to take care of it.

How to Treat Motor Shock

Don't Speed ​​Too Often on Broken Roads

Driving carefully is of course important to ensure the safety of passengers. In fact, the safety of components on the motor is also the same.

Where, to keep the shockbreaker on a motorcycle durable and long-lasting, try to avoid speeding, especially on damaged roads and potholes.

Why? Of course, the performance of the shockbreaker will be more burdened considering that it must absorb shock or vibration when passing through bumpy or potholed roads.

Therefore, slowing down the speed of a motorcycle when passing through a damaged or uneven road is also included as tips on caring for a motorcycle shockbreaker that you need to do.

Clean Motorcycle Shockbreakers Routinely

Tips for caring for the next motorcycle shockbreaker is to clean it often so that the dirt that is sticking out is gone.

The reason is, if there is dirt stuck to each part or side of the shockbreaker, it will accelerate the wear of the seal (rubber) and piston. That is, the life of the shockbreaker is not durable.


It doesn't stop there, even the rain mud that sticks to the side of the motorcycle shockbreaker also needs to be cleaned because it will trigger corrosion and cause shock drag.

Perform cleaning this shockbreaker regularly along with washing your motorcycle. Use clean water to run through the sides of the motorcycle shockbreaker until the dirt that sticks is completely clean.

Don't Carry Heavy Loads Too Often

In addition, tips on caring for motorcycle shockbreakers to make them durable, of course, try to minimize carrying items that exceed the load.

Not without reason considering that if the load is excessive, it means that the suspension must also work hard to absorb shocks while holding the load carried by the motor.

If this is often applied, the impact will make the shockbreaker components on the motorcycle wear out quickly so that it has an impact on its function which is no longer optimal in maintaining stability or minimizing vibration.

Because, if the shockbreaker holds the load too often, the motor body will easily shake when passing through a damaged road. So, avoid carrying heavy loads with your motorcycle.

Avoid Using Surprise Earrings

In the world of modification, shock earrings are indeed an interesting component, both to increase the height of the shock position or just to be stylish.

However, in the factory standard, of course, the use of shockbreaker earrings will actually have a strong impact on the work function of the shockbreaker which will be disrupted or will not function at all.


This of course will trigger the role of the motor shockbreaker which will not function properly.

So, avoiding the use of shock earrings are tips for caring for motorcycle shockbreakers that are quite effective in keeping them durable and more durable.