The Reasons Why Automatic Motorcycle Batteries Often Run Out

The role of the battery in a motor vehicle is certainly very important and vital.

This of course cannot be separated from the role of the battery itself. Which is not stored and is not stored to store electric power.

It doesn't stop there, even the task of the battery on the automatic motor works as a supply system or distributor of electric power to the motor to turn on several components that require electric power. Such as lights, indicator panels, and so on.

In addition, the function of the battery itself is also to make it easier for motorcycle users to start the automatic motorcycle engine through the provided electric starter.

But sometimes there are problems that often occur in the battery on this automatic motor. Where, sometimes the battery experiences sudden bloating.


Or, it's not uncommon for people to experience battery conditions that suddenly get wet even though they haven't been replaced for a long time.

Of course all of that is influenced by several factors that we need to know as a step so that we can visit later.

You need to know a lot of course that the cause of the condition of the battery on an automatic motor that is easily overdraw is caused by several factors. Among which Mas Sena will explain as below.

1. Battery condition is not maintained

It is known that the battery is indeed a component whose existence is very vital and important. However, it is undeniable that the battery itself is vulnerable to various obstacles and damage.

One of them is very susceptible to corrosion and plaque processes, especially on the battery hole cover.


Not even in the terminal sector. Which if there is no attention in caring for the battery will trigger faster damage,

So that indirectly intensive maintenance on the battery will trigger a reduction in the condition of the battery which often experiences overdraw.

2. There is a Broken Battery Strap

It is undeniable that by adding a load as a power store, of course the battery also needs an intermediary.

Among others, such as cables and fastening components as well as wood. Where each of these components serves as a tool to connect electricity to all parts of the motor so that it can be channeled perfectly as needed.

Therefore, if one of these components is detached or damaged, it is almost certain that the battery will not work. In addition, this will also cause the battery to weaken and damage.

With this fact in mind, it is always a good idea to check the line or cable that is directly connected to the battery.

On the other hand, you should always check the binding itself regularly so that if there is any indication of damage or looseness, it can be repaired immediately without having to wait for the damage to spread everywhere.

3. Motor Rarely Started

You need to understand that it turns out that the electric charge on the motor battery can actually decrease gradually.

The condition of the decrease in electrical charge on the battery certainly cannot be revived from the motor, it is never turned on or it is always in a state of silence for a long time.

Why so? Of course this is because the motor that moves or operates, will mechanically move the dynamo which is the power source itself.

Therefore, if your motorbike often overdraws, it could be because your automatic motorbike engine is rarely turned on for a long time.

If this is true, try running the machine for at least 5 minutes. If the condition of the battery is still functioning normally then the problem has been resolved properly.

However, if the condition of the battery is still short and weak, it is a sign that the motorcycle battery is in severe enough condition that it needs to be replaced.

Mas Sena prefers to use a dry battery rather than a wet battery. Because, although the price is more expensive, the productivity and efficiency in managing power is very optimal.

4 Constraints on the Kiprok Section

In addition to the battery itself, another problem that can trigger automatic motorcycle battery damage is a problem with the kiprok component that cannot function.

As it is known that the kiprok is one of the important components that play a role and is involved in ensuring and controlling the flow of electricity that enters the motor.