How to Inreyen the New Motor Matic

Please note, it turns out that automatic motor maintenance must be started the first time it is used. Where the initial maintenance when a new motor is purchased is called the inreyen phase.

Inreyen itself in automotive language is a break-in which means the adjustment phase of the motor engine components. This process occurs when you have just bought an automatic motorbike imported directly from the dealer.

But sometimes the inreyen or break-in phase on this automatic motor is often ignored. In fact, the process is very important considering its effect on the condition of the motor in the future.

Because, as explained above, it is now rarely known that the internal phase of this automatic motor needs to be carried out with separate steps to support the adjustment of components on the motor engine.


Well, there's no need to go into detail, for more clarity and detail, Mas Sena will tell you about how to attach the automatic motor itself with the correct and correct steps.

Here are some appropriate steps as the application of the automatic motor inreyen method that you can do. Are as follows.

1. Keep Speed ​​Always Stable

First of all, on an automatic motorcycle, all you need to do is always maintain a stable speed of your automatic motorcycle for the first 500 km.

When inreying at this stage, you must be patient while pulling the gas. Try slowly so that engine oil can enter the gap or cavity in the engine components deeper.

Because, if the motor is driven at high speed suddenly in the idle phase, it will make the engine components less durable considering that there will be friction between components.

2. Avoid Sudden Braking

In addition, the way to lose an automatic motorbike is to avoid sudden braking when driving a new motorbike that has not yet reached 500 km.

This of course aims to prevent the brake lining from wearing out easily. So that this method is also considered quite important so that the condition of the motorcycle brake lining becomes durable.

So, always control your speed when driving an automatic motorbike to make it easier to control.

3. Set RPM to Factory Default

Then, another way to replace the automatic motor that you need to do is to always maintain a stable rpm according to the standards set by the manufacturer.

In general, for the first 500 km it is only limited to 50 km / h and then it can be driven at a speed of 80 km / h.

Well, after the idle period is over, you can only drive the motor at rpm and high speed points according to your needs. This is of course a stage or process in the adjustment of components/motor adaptations when used for the first time.

4. Avoid Carrying Weights / Heavy Driving

On the one hand, another thing you need to know about automatic motorcycles is to avoid carrying heavy loads or riding as much as possible.

For the early days, try not to use a tandem first. This is because heavy loads will certainly trigger the performance of components that work hard during the adaptation period and this is not a good thing.

Especially in other components, new automatic motorcycle tires certainly require an adaptation or adjustment process to withstand the load. No exception shock or suspension as well.

Therefore, in addition to avoiding carrying heavy loads, it is highly recommended not to ride a motorcycle in extreme terrain, such as wet or slippery roads. This effort is certainly one of the stages in the automatic motor inreyen so that there is no slippage because the grip produced on the highway is not too optimal.

5. Inhale Gas Gradually and Slowly

Furthermore, the necessary way to start the automatic motor is to always keep the gas pull gradually and slowly.

This will also affect the performance of the V-Belt on the automatic motor as the driving system. After 1000 Km, do a motor oil change and ideally you can press the gas as needed.

However, one thing to remember is that the condition of the v-belt on this one is certainly a concern because it affects the performance of the wheels.