How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants to Fruit Fast

Do you like strawberries? Berries that have a sweet and sour taste are liked by many people.

So don't be surprised if not a few people try to cultivate this one fruit. Strawberry fruit usually grows in the highlands, if you know how to care for this strawberry plant the tree will quickly bear fruit and produce a lot of fruit.

how to care for strawberry plants

Not only has a good taste, another attraction of strawberries is the attractive appearance of the fruit. The fruit is very beautiful with an exotic red color, usually strawberries are planted in tabulampot and used as ornamental plants because of their appearance.

The nutritional content of strawberries is also very much, the fruit is rich in vitamin C. if you consume 100 grams of strawberries you can get various nutrients such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat. Fiber, sugar and water.

If you are interested in growing strawberries, you can get plant seeds on my seed site. The strawberry seeds available there are superior and quality seeds and are guaranteed so you don't have to worry after placing an order. On this occasion we will review how to care for strawberry plants so that they bear fruit quickly.

How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants to Fruit Fast

After you get the seeds and do the planting, there are a few things you need to do. Here's how to care for strawberry plants to quickly bear fruit.


Strawberry plants must get enough air intake to quickly bear fruit. Therefore, watering must be done regularly twice a day, it can be done every morning and evening or after maghrib time. However, if the tree is 2 years old, watering can be reduced to once a day.


do weeding on weeds that interfere with the growth of strawberry trees. If weeding is not done, the nutrients that should be absorbed by strawberry plants will instead be absorbed by weeds.


  • how to care for strawberry plants
  • Fertilization with NPK

Give fertilizer according to the portion, the details in the application of fertilization are the growth period by giving NPK fertilizer with a high N content of 1 tablespoon. Then there is a flowering and fruiting phase, you can give NPK fertilizer with a PK dose of 1 tablespoon. After that strawberry fertilization can be done every day by using a dose of 1 tablespoon for a large polybag.


Next is pruning, in strawberry plants there are three parts that can be trimmed, namely stolons, leaves, and flowers. Leaf pruning can be done if the leaves are too dense or if the leaves are sick. Pruning the selin on the leaves is intended to make the strawberry tree more effective in carrying out photosynthesis. As well as to improve and maintain the quality and quantity of fruit when harvested.

Then pruning stolons aims to increase plant productivity, usually strawberry planting using polybag media often trims this part of the stolons.

Then the last is flower pruning, it should be noted that the flowers that are maintained are only primary, secondary and level flowers. In addition, the three parts must be trimmed to maximize growth. Because flowers that come from other parts will only produce fruit with a small size.

Protect from Pest Attack

Like other types of plants, strawberry plants do not escape the target of pests. Therefore, care must be taken so that strawberry plants are protected from pests. Some types of pests that usually attack strawberry plants are:

Aphids, this one pest will make the leaf shoots become wrinkled and curly, and are able to produce flowers and fruit.

Mites, symptoms that occur due to mites are the appearance of yellow to brown spots on the leaves. And leaves that experience curling, dry, and fall.