How to Take Care of Longan Trees for Fast Fruiting

In cultivating longan plants to produce dense fruit, the process of maintaining longan plants is the main key so that plants succeed in producing fruit in a relatively fast time.

Like the story at the beginning, the longan tree is a fast-growing tree, but the tree is also difficult to produce fruit. Therefore, you have to learn all kinds of ways to grow, sow and care for plants.

Based on the results of sharing (discussion) with fellow farmers/planters who have cultivated it professionally, there are several steps that can be taken to improve longan plant care for the future of longan plants.

So, after planting longan plants are moved in large pots / in open ground such as in the yard / garden, the next step is the daily care of longan plants which includes several things such as watering, fertilizing, lighting with full sun throughout the days, and prune the trunk if the tree has or will begin to bear fruit.

In addition, it is also important to change the planting medium (soil mixed with manure from dry chicken manure) once a year. This is so that the longan plant remains productive because it gets nutrients from the new planting medium.

The replacement of the planting media was not entirely, but the previous planting media was partially/reserved then added new planting media (soil + manure, ratio 2:1).

Newly planted seedlings need a lot of water. Water is used by plants for various purposes such as to facilitate the process of plant photosynthesis, water is also used as a solvent for various types of nutrients available in the growing media. Therefore, it is important to water the grafted longan plant every day, i.e. in the morning and evening.

Watering the longan plant is done sufficiently, just 3-4 planting a dipper/adjusting to the needs of the plant, meaning that if the soil is dry as much as possible make the dry soil moist.

Watering is done sparingly and water does not inundate plants in pots/open areas where plants grow.