How to Find the best tent camping near me in the US

Tent camping near me - Setting up a tent on the ground while camping is common. How about camping in a tent hanging from a tree?

How to Find the best tent camping near me in the US

How to Find the best near me in the US

The city of Borgloon, Belgium, provides four teardrop-shaped tents hung from trees.

These tents appear to have been around since 2011. However, their popularity has increased since the start of the pandemic and has forced people to vacation within the country (staycation).

“This tent is always ordered every summer. But this year, order faster. If we had more tents, they would be booked every day in July and August,” said Katrien Houbey, East Borgloon's head of tourism.

This tent is quite big. Inside, you'll find a flat floor and benches to sit on. This tent is also equipped with clear windows to see the scenery outside.

Dre Wapenaar, an artist from the Netherlands who made this tent. “This tent hangs freely in the air. It's related to our childhood dream, to build a hut on a tree," said Dre.

To rent this tent, you have to pay $79 to stay. Each tent can accommodate up to two people. Fee includes bathroom and barbecue access.

"I like it, different from the others. Different from the usual tent or place. I like it because this tent is small and beautiful,” said Dries Moons, one of the visitors.

This will certainly be a new experience for those of you who like to camp while on vacation. If interested, you can find these tents in several locations in Europe and the United States.