How to care for artificial wood cabinets to make them last

You have to be smart about caring for artificial wood cabinets so that they are durable, long lasting, and don't get damaged quickly.

Fill with Enough Clothes

You need to know that board cabinets are not teak wood cabinets. This cupboard shape will bend downwards if you don't support it with too much weight.

Faux wood wardrobes should not be filled with too many clothes to the brim. You emptied half of the cabinet volume. So that the cabinet is more durable and not easily damaged.

in a dry corner

The particle board which is the basic material of this cabinet is made from a mixture of sawdust and glue in a certain ratio. As we know, glue is very resistant to air.

The adhesive power of the glue will weaken if exposed to air for a long time. Likewise with artificial wood cabinets, these cabinets are not very waterproof. You should see in the drier corners the strength of the board continues to be maintained.

Make sure the room is not humid

Cabinets made of artificial wood should be placed in a room that has good air circulation. Do not enter these cabinets in the bathroom, toilet, laundry or kitchen as the air can contaminate the wood particles that make up them.

If left unchecked, the glue will weaken the strength between the wood particles and will fall off on their own.

Cleaning Using a Vacuum Cleaner

The cleanliness of your wardrobe is very important to note. You can use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner to be able to clean artificial wood cabinets.

This tool will suck all the dust and dirt that sticks to the cabinet thoroughly. If, for example, you don't have a vacuum cleaner, feel free to use a duster instead.

Don't Wipe with Water

Our habit in cleaning an item is to wipe it with clean water. However, specifically for damaging artificial wood cabinets, this method can actually damage the structure of the cabinet itself. Never clean this cabinet with a cloth dampened with air or cleaning liquid. You should always remember that particleboard cabinets should not be exposed to any kind of air.

Dry Closets Periodically

You may already feel confident that you have placed an artificial wood cabinet in a room that has good air circulation and dry conditions.

You have also tried your best to keep the air out of the artificial wood cabinets. However, to maintain the strength of your closet structure, there is no harm in drying the cabinets in direct sunlight. You can do this job 6 months when you have free time.