4 Ways to Make Free Camping Near Me

Camping near me - Camping can be an effective outdoor activity to relieve stress. However, if busyness and routine prevent you from going to camp or the mountains, you can still camp in your yard.

4 Ways to Make Free Camping Near Me

Especially if you are with your little one, outdoor activities like this will be a bit of an adventure for him, as well as teach him to be closer to nature.

Camping in your own yard is certainly more practical, you can go in and out of the house if you need additional equipment. In addition, of course, it will also be safer than camping in the open.

There are a few tips that will help you prepare for and enjoy camping in your yard.

Prepare a Simple Tent

Now it's easy to find simple tents that are easy to disassemble and install. But if you want to be more creative and make your own tent, there are also many items at home that can be used to build one.

At its simplest, spread a wide cloth along the logs as a frame. You can also use mosquito nets to make a tent. Just hang the mosquito net on a tree branch in the yard.

Another similar way, is to install long curtains on hulahops that are hung from tree branches. For flooring, you can use various types of mats that you can find at home, such as yoga mats or small rugs.

If your little one wants to help set up a tent, don't be banned. In fact, building a tent with him can be a lot of fun. Plus, it's great for honing your child's skills and teaching him to make his own tent.

Here's How To Make Free Camping Near Me

1. Make a Campfire

Camping without a bonfire would be bland. Likewise with camping in the yard. Most importantly, keep a distance between the campfire and the tent or house to prevent fires from occurring.

If you want to be safer and not burn the grass, you can make a bonfire with a few tricks. For example by using an unused pot as a bonfire. You can also use an old pot or pan as a lighting base.

2. Cooking a Bonfire

A bonfire is useful not only for lighting and providing warmth at night, but it's also fun for grilling snacks. If roasting corn or bananas is too common for you, there are lots of creative "bonfire snack" recipes you can try.

For example, you can bake brownies over a campfire. No need for an oven, all you need are sweet oranges and aluminum foil.

The trick, slice the top of the orange, then remove the contents using a knife. After that enter the brownie mixture, cover the top of the orange again, then wrap tightly using aluminum foil. Bake in a bonfire until cooked.

3. Create a Simple Game

Various games can be played while camping in the yard to make the atmosphere more fun and cheerful. One of them, you can play tic tac toe, but open it with paper and pen.

Just build the arena on wooden planks or directly on the ground. For the "X" and "O" markings, you can use multiple stones marked with an "X" or an "O" with an x-Type respectively.

4. Prepare Anti-Insect Lotion

Insects, and especially mosquitoes, are sure to be a nuisance when we spend the night outdoors. Therefore, don't forget to prepare mosquito and insect repellent lotion or spray.