How to make a wardrobe out of plywood

Making a wardrobe you can practice yourself at home. Generally, plywood or better known as multiplex has become the people's favorite choice in the manufacture of household furniture.

In addition to its economical price compared to teak, multiplex has strong resistance to cracking, bending and attack. Along with the times, this type of plywood is designed with several special advantages such as water resistance, sound insulation, and an artful surface coating. Usually plywood is made of pine wood, sungkai and sengon.

In addition to the above advantages, plywood also has the disadvantage that it is not resistant to extreme weather, so the use of plywood cannot make household furniture that is outside the room.

In addition, a high level of accuracy is required at the time of finishing so that the results are satisfactory. But you don't have to worry about the shortcomings of this plywood, because there are ways to work around this.

Tools, Materials, and Manufacturing Steps:

To make a wardrobe out of playwood plywood, you will need the following materials. :

  • Multiplex 18 millimeters thick as many as 3 sheets,
  • One sheet of plywood 6 millimeters thick,
  • White glue and yellow glue
  • HPL / decosit / melamine / sungkai for finishing,
  • 5 or 8 inch long screws,
  • spoon hinge or butterfly hinge,
  • Drawer rail.

In addition to the above materials, you will need to prepare the following equipment:

  • Saw.
  • electric drill,
  • Hammer,
  • iron elbow,
  • meters,
  • Wooden pencil as a marker.
  • How to make a wardrobe out of plywood:

1. The first step, sketch a two-door wardrobe on paper with standard sizes as follows:

Side width 60 cm

Front wardrobe 120 cm

Height 200cm

2. Prepare 3 (three) pieces of multiplex with a thickness of 18mm for the side of the cabinet. Cut the length and width with a size of 200cm x 60cm. These 3 plywood will be used for 2 outer sides and 1 inner side / bulkhead. Plywood shrinks in 15 cm which will later be used for the base of the cabinet.

3. Prepare two pieces of plywood each with a size of 120cm x 60cm for the base and top.

4. Add wardrobe components as desired.

5. Hanging shelves, shelves and drawers using glue and base with an electric drill.

6. For the back side, cut a 4mm sheet of plywood and secure it with nails.

7. Make cabinet doors to size and cut. After fitting then install the door. Add mirrors, hinges and locks.

8. Use HPL paint/coating for perfect finishing.

Cutting Plywood Plywood

requires the right technique for plywood so that the results are neat and straight. On the outside the plywood can peel off and give an untidy finish if not cut carefully. use a jigsaw saw for plywood so that the results are neat and perfect.

Use Special Saw

The jig saw is the perfect plywood/multiplex cutter to work with. To use a circular table saw, position the plywood flat on top. And for the use of this type of portable circular saw, the flat surface of the plywood is in the down position.

Triplex Cut. The outside part

To get a neat cut line, first flatten the outside of the plywood. The trick, before the plywood is cut, then split one part with a length and width of 10mm.

Apply Tape Along the Cut Line

Previously, glue the tape along the plywood cut line. This is done so that the vinyl layer of the plywood is not easily peeled off so as to provide a neat cut without damaging the vinyl layer. This tip is suitable for small-scale cuts to be time efficient.

Foundation with Wood

In addition to using tape, you can also use wood as a base for cutting plywood to get a neat result. Wood has a strong structure that can hold the fibers to prevent cracking. Use solid wood just below the plywood sheet as the base.

a threefold reduction across the fiber direction is tripled as it can result in rough, unkempt cuts. In addition, pay attention to the outside of the plywood board to produce an economical cut. Make a pattern before making the cut. To save time then make sure you all have the same size in one piece.

You can do the above tips with the help of friends and design a wardrobe according to your wishes and needs.