How to Make a Study Table With Simple Wood

How to make a simple wooden study table is not too complicated. 

One of the furniture that children like is a study table. Attractive study desks with unique designs are indeed widely available in the market.

However, of course the price is also expensive. Well, what if you make your own study table design? Of course the results will be more interesting right? And also your child will like it more because you can make your own design.

How to Make a Simple Wooden Study Table

How to make? This is what many people ask. Don't worry, here's how to make a simple wooden study table for your inspiration today.

How to make a simple wooden study table for children

Prepare equipment and materials on the job site so that they are easily accessible

The tools and materials you will need include drills, screws, clamps of various sizes, wood glue, wood sandpaper, wood paint you want. Wear a mask to avoid breathing dust when drilling or sanding.

Sketch the table design that you will make

Sketch your desired wooden study desk design on a piece of paper by using a pencil on a piece of paper. Dimensions are also drawn to make it easier for you to design your study table. Make the table size according to what you want.

Make the main part first, namely the table mat

The main part of the wooden table is the table mat. To make a table top or table mat can be done in two ways. The first way is to use sheets or wooden boards.

This of course makes it easier for you to design your study table. To make this table mat, cut the wooden planks that you have prepared according to the size you have specified. Choose a wooden board that is strong enough from a strong material.

The second way is to use pieces of wood. Well, cut the wood into pieces of wood with the same size. Don't forget to sand the wood to make it smoother and even.

If you use this piece of wood, you will save a lot more than using plywood.

Make the bottom of the table

This section is used to support the table leg to make it stronger. You do this by measuring the table top. The width of this table will vary depending on the dimensions you create. Turn the table top over. Cut two pairs of wood for the front and two for the sides of the table. Use screws to secure the wood.

Cut table legs and glue

Make four sections for the table legs of the same size. Glue it to the corner from the side of the table. Apply glue to the top of the table leg to make it stick more firmly. Use screws to make the legs of the table stronger to support the weight on it. Repeat this process for the other three table legs. If it is finished, then check the condition of your table.

Last round

For this final stage, choose a paint with good quality and safe for your child's health. Choose a type of water-based paint or paint with a water solvent. This paint is easy and safe to use on children's furniture. Wait for it to dry.

Do not use paints with solvents such as thinner or spirit, because these paints are not safe for your child. This type of paint has a strong odor and can cause health effects for your baby. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the paint you use.