5 Habits That Make Your Salary Wasteful

Payday is something that many people look forward to every month. You should feel like a sultan immediately after your payday.

However, without you knowing it, a week or two after payday, your paycheck is gone. Oh, you must be really dizzy, going through the days while waiting for the next payday? Why do you feel your salary is running out fast? Let's find out why!

1. Excessive self-esteem

After your salary drops, a wishlist of items you want to buy will appear in your mind, whether it's shoes, bags, glasses, plane tickets for the holidays, etc. You want to buy one or more as a form of self-reward for what you have done in the last month.

Self-esteem is important as a form of self-esteem, but if it is excessive it can make your salary run out quickly.

Appreciate yourself excessively, for example this month, for example this month you plan to respect yourself by taking a vacation to Bali. The cost of a round-trip ticket (PP) and accommodation there takes up almost half your salary. Automatically, your salary runs out quickly and after the holidays you have to suppress your daily needs before receiving another salary at the end of the month. Not very good, right?

In this case, it would be better if this self-esteem was planned. You can plan ahead to reward yourself and set up a fund each month. So, your salary does not run out immediately.

 2. Snack coffee, boba, etc.

Is #temanduit one of the coffee shop's loyal customers? Actually, it's not wrong if you want to buy coffee or other menus at a coffee shop. For example, you want to hang out with friends or have a meeting with a client outside the office. However, the problem is when you don't realize that this snack has become a habit, even a necessity. I can't live without coffee and boba~

Without you realizing it, your boba pocket money can be the main factor causing your salary to run out quickly, you know, #temanduit. For example, a cup of coffee costs around IDR 40,000 and you buy it every day. In a month, you can spend IDR 1.2 million just for coffee. This is just coffee, you know, haven't eaten and other necessities.

3. Buy discounted items

Buying goods at a lower price than the normal price is one of our ways to save money. However, if we can't sort out which discounted items are really needed and which ones because of the hustle and bustle of cheap prices, it can make your salary run out quickly.

For example, on National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) every December 12, you shop for many things without thinking about whether the item is really needed right now or not. Maybe at that time you thought you would need the item in the future, but if the purchase takes up a large part of your monthly salary, maybe your financial condition will not be healthy until the end of the month.

So, it's a good idea to be more vigilant about making a list of needs first before hunting for discount prices so that your financial condition remains healthy.

4. Bank account accounts are too easy to access

Without realizing it, the ease of access to m-banking and digital wallets makes us more wasteful in spending our money. You can easily make online shopping transactions with these two features. Moreover, digital wallets often hold attractive discount or cashback promos and make you snack more often. As a result, your salary runs out quickly, because of the ease of access.

5. Lazy to make a budget to record needs

It may be difficult for you to keep track of your expenses on a daily basis. However, without a budget as a guide, your expenses can get out of hand. As a result, your salary runs out quickly.

So that your salary does not run out quickly, at least you need to include what you need, the monthly bills you have to pay, and don't forget to set aside 5-10 percent of your salary for the initial investment. . So, your monthly expenses can be controlled and don't make your salary run out quickly.

So, what are some small habits that make your salary run out quickly every month? You also need to remember that we don't just live in the present.

Therefore, it is important for you to minimize the small habits above so that your finances remain healthy and you can live comfortably.

In addition to setting priorities for daily needs, you also need to set aside a portion of your salary to save and invest in achieving your financial goals in the future.