Tricks to save car fuel so that expenses are not wasteful

When buying a car, you can already calculate various expenses, both fixed and fluctuating, such as routine maintenance at the workshop. you

Well, here are tips & tricks to keep your gas expenditure proportional and prevent wastage.

Machine Capacity

One of the factors that you can consider before buying a car is the engine capacity. The larger the CC, the more likely your car's engine will consume more fuel. Adjust your needs in everyday driving, if you often drive on urban roads may not need that big CC.

Choose a fuel with an octane rating that suits your car's needs. Don't go down just to save money. Using cheaper fuel does not guarantee you will be more cost effective.

Maybe this method is quite effective for the short term. But in the long run, we can be sure the machine will be more wasteful over time. Using fuel according to the manufacturer's recommendations also helps keep the engine from getting dirty quickly.

Road Conditions and Driving Methods

Road conditions certainly determine how the car will adapt to the power generated by the engine. Like facing an untidy road, lots of climbs, bends or steep descents that require the car to be extra maneuverable.

In addition, the way you drive will also determine how wasteful the engine consumes fuel. If you brake suddenly, accelerate and go fast on the highway, you can be sure the gas will run out faster, so you have to reach into your pocket more often to fill up with gas.

Operating the Transmission Gear

For gasoline engines, the ideal engine speed range is 1,500 – 2,500 rpm while diesel engines are at 1,100 – 2,100 rpm. We recommend changing gears in this range. Try to run at a constant speed and in the highest gear. In this condition, the speed that can be achieved is usually in the range of 70 km / h - 80 km / h.

Weather conditions

The rise of global warming conditions today, will increasingly face erratic weather. Especially when it's hot, the temperature can be hotter than usual. For example, the temperature conditions in Jakarta and its surroundings can rise to 37°C. If these temperatures make us sweat extra when outdoors, imagine what happens when we are in the car cabin? The temperature will get hotter, so you have to turn on the air conditioner (AC) in the car.

Check Tire Condition

If the air pressure in the tires of a car is not stable and balanced, then the car will work harder to balance its power. By using Wuling, you can access the MID screen located behind the wheel to check whether the air pressure in each tire is appropriate. The advanced features of Wuling can actually be very helpful and influential so that you save more. By keeping the air pressure at the recommended number, car gasoline can save 5% to 20%.