How to see the readership of a WordPress post

This tutorial explains how to see the total number of WordPress post readers on each of your posts.

If so far all we know is looking at the number of visitors to our blog, this time I will explain how to see the total number of readers for each of your WordPress posts.

The purpose of this tutorial is to tell you as the author of a post how many times your writing has been read. You and your blog visitors can see the total number of post readers on your WordPress blog.

This tutorial makes it easy to find out which posts are being read the most by looking at the total number of readers for that post.

From there you can find out the type or topic of articles that readers are looking for, and you can create more articles with similar themes with idea development. Interesting right?

How to Create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

If you already know how to use it, let's go straight to how to make it as follows:

1. First, first install the WP-PostViews Plugin.

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  • WP-PostViews
  • Free WordPress plugin to display the number of readers in each article.

2. After you install the plugin, then activate it. Or after you download, please go to Plugins => Add New, then click the Upload tab, enter the WP-PostViews zip file that you downloaded earlier (no need to extract), then after uploading, please activate it.

3. Once the WP-PostViews plugin has been placed in your WordPress blog database, then you need to enter the code.

4. After that please click Update.

5. Everything is done, please open one of your WordPress posts and see the numbers listed around the post title.

Very easy isn't it? This is an alternative to determine the topic of posts on your blog with the guarantee of many readers

By showing the readership of a WordPress post, your readers will also know which posts are being read the most and will then be read together. It can also measure the popularity level of your posts and blogs.

With this plugin you can also place the most read posts based on the most numbers and place them in the sidebar to make them easier to find.

This feature also helps visitors find which posts are read the most.

This feature is also related to the placement of Popular Articles in the sidebar of your blog. So based on the number of readers who read the post with the most number of posts, the post appears at the top of the list.

Write a list with the title Popular Articles and so on it's up to you then activate the widget and place it in the sidebar of your blog. The widget is already available and you just have to activate it after you install the WP-PostViews plugin.

In the end, if you have followed the above methods properly and correctly, then you and your blog visitors can see the total number of readers of a post in WordPress.