How to See Active Blog Visitors

This post is to answer questions from friends who are curious to know the number of visitors who are active or currently opening their blogs, and what pages these visitors see.

Actually Google has provided all the tools needed by a blogger, one of which is to analyze blog visitors called Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics we can monitor in real time the state of our blog, such as to find out the number of visitors who are currently active on the blog, where they come from, where the traffic comes from (traffic here is like organic: from search engines, social: from social media, or live, and so on), as well as the percentage of visitors using computers, cell phones, or other devices.

Not only limited to what Wahyu mentioned above, the benefits of Google Analytics, but because the title of this post is a way to see active blog visitors in real time, how to see the number of active blog visitors.

Let's see how!

  • 1. Open and Login to Google Analytics, if you have not registered please register first
  • 2. Select the Reporting tab -- Real-Time -- Overview
  • Viewing Active Blog Visitors
  • 3. Done.

Pretty easy isn't it? so to see other facilities owned by Google Analytics, please see for yourself.

Until here, I hope this post is useful, don't forget to share your knowledge with others!