How to find out the number of visitors to other people's websites

The number of visitors is an important metric of a website that can be used as a measure of success.

Every blogger, whether using free or paid platforms, has their own way of knowing the number of visitors to their blog.

Reasons for Wanting to Know the Number of Visitors to Other Websites?


Come to think of it, what reasons do you see for seeing the number of visitors to other people's websites?

Some scenarios that often occur include comparing competitor blog traffic with the blog itself, learning strategies to increase the number of visitors.

Benefits of Knowing the Number of Visitors to Other People's Websites


Of the various advantages that can be taken after knowing the number of visitors to other people's websites. One of the biggest benefits is that it can spur enthusiasm in managing a website. Yes, for most novice website players, the first step to finding traffic can be frustrating and frustrating at times.

How to find out the number of visitors to other people's websites

Although in the title of this article the word “easy” is embedded, actually knowing the number of visitors to other people's websites is not as simple as we imagine. In addition, and the results are also not as accurate when compared to asking directly for traffic details coming from the Google Analytics dashboard.

Various Tools To Know Other People's Site Traffic


Currently you can find many website checkers that provide services to analyze other people's website data. However, the three tools below rank us as the most representative tools based on popularity and intensity of use.

1. Similar Web

SimilarWeb is a website that offers a visitor data checking service. The way Alaxa works is that SimilarWeb offers more features and perks to consider.

SimilarWeb data search results are also quite accurate based on the tests we did. This is partly due to the variation of the included variables.

You can see the 5 largest traffic source countries from a website, top referrals that contribute the most traffic, audience interest, to a list of 10 organic and paid keywords that enter the website.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use SimilarWeb to analyze website competitors.

First, visit the page.

After that, enter the URL of the other person's website for which you want to see visit, SEO, or referral metrics. To make it easier, in this article we will try to analyze the website, an Indonesian web hosting service that offers various cheap cloud hosting packages to accommodate various needs.

Enter the domain URL into the box provided in the upper left corner. After that press enter.

Wait a few moments until the SimilarWeb server finishes crawling the website.

Now in front of you, data from appears, starting with website ranking details on Alexa, then followed by a graph of total visits for six months complete with bounce rate, average number of pages per visit, to length of display time.

How complete is it not? If it's still not enough, you can also upgrade the service to the SimilarWeb Pro package to get more detailed information from the free version.

2. Ahrefs

Unlike SimilarWeb, Ahrefs does not offer a free service that users can easily access. Thus, this tool proves to be very effective in seeing the number of visitors to other people's websites.

Not only that, you will also be given important information about the source of competitor website backlinks, keyword details entered based on the most searches, and site audit features that will make it easier for you to make your website more optimal.

Armed with the features above, it's no wonder that Ahref is often relied on to do keyword research and build links so that the website's position can be maximized in search results.