How to Adjust the Correct Motorcycle Carburetor

Who does not know the carburetor? Components that function to supply fuel to the engine room still exist today.

Although there is already an injection, the carburetor is still in great demand. Evidenced by the existence of several motorcycle companies that are still taking care of the carburetor. For example on some Kawasaki motorcycles, such as the Ninja RR, KLX 150, and D-Tracker.

Excess carburetor that can indeed be adjusted or adjusted as desired becomes a plus for the difference between carburetor and injection. Usually the owner will adjust the carburetor to be more efficient. This is because the carburetor is quite wasteful in terms of fuel consumption. Therefore, most carburetor vehicles will be reset by the owner.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done haphazardly. Instead of wanting to get a vehicle that is fuel efficient, it makes it even more wasteful. In addition, if you set it incorrectly, it can have fatal consequences, such as the engine breaking down or even the carburetor being damaged.

Therefore, on this occasion the author will share about how to set the correct carburetor. Generally the carburetor needs to be reset because there is a problem or is doing certain services. For this reason, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the carburetor and reset.

How to Adjust Motorcycle Carburetor

It's good you need to identify in advance the characteristics of the carburetor that requires resetting. So that when making adjustments there is nothing wrong in taking action. Here are some characteristics of the carburetor that needs to be reset:

Dirt that enters the carburetor can occur because it is carried away by the inhaled air. The process that occurs continuously from time to time will make more and more dirt and clog the air inlet to the carburetor. As a result, the air mixture is reduced and the engine does not work optimally.

A sluggish engine can be an indicator of a problem with the carburetor. Generally, due to incorrect settings. There may be instability between the fuel and air mixture. So that the combustion process is not optimal.

Wet Spark Plug

Wet spark plugs are a sign that the fuel mixture to the carburetor is too much. The solution is not to replace the spark plugs but the carburetor that needs to be reset. Because if left the machine will be more wasteful.

Brebet Machine

Setting the wrong carburetor can make the engine slow down at low speeds. This is because the composition of the incoming air is unstable, it can be too little or too much.

If it is confirmed that your motor is experiencing one of the four things above, it is necessary to immediately reset the carburetor.